The LCD display is not turning on, tested with another LCD.

Hello, I have a HTC Desire 820 today and I have tried testing it with another LCD, it turns on but no display on the LCD, touch screen / digitizer works though. Could it be a faulty component IC / chip on the logic board? I have triple checked all flex cables, plugs, connectors. No signs of any water damage on there too, including logic board. The original / old LCD has no display too, never did when it came in.

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Same problem here, I don't know what caused it to not work after replacing with NEW LCD, even as you said touch digitizer works but no LCD light up. Did you figured it out after a year?


I think I either got a faulty screen or the LCD extension cable plugged into the LCD wasn't connected properly or damaged.


some month ago, I have same problem. After that, I went to many shop, they told me this is display problem and told me to change the display. But after sometime, I give it to on shop then he ask me to change the display folder, i agreed. But when he changed folder , display not lightning. Means that doesn't work. Then he do something with my original display folder after connect it with my phone. then after my Display is working. And everything is perfect.


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