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Tile Trackers are small, Bluetooth-enabled devices designed to help users locate their lost or misplaced items, and they are manufactured by the company Tile, Inc.

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Has anyone broken down a Tile? Can the battery be replaced?

I use a number of Tile Bluetooth tracking tags and was wondering: has anyone tried to replace the battery?

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I'd also be very interested in finding this out. I have 4 tiles currently, and am considering quite a few more for some of my family's devices. However, I don't like the idea of buying new ones every year. If they cost 50% of what they do, it would be a lot more reasonable, but $200-300/year for enough tiles to track things like backpacks, purses, remotes, etc, is pushing it.


You’d think manufacturers would start adding Bluetooth trackers into things...but at least at the moment if your wallet gets stolen, less chance the thief’s will know what Tile is atm!!


There are example videos from a year or so back showing how to do it, and I've managed to pop one of mine open. I can replace the battery and it makes all the sounds and such as it should, but then goes silent. It also doesn't seem to pair up to the app any more as it should. I suspect the manufacturer has built in some sort of safeguard to keep you from doing this. Can anyone confirm? Maybe I've just botched mine.


I just peeled the side open very carefully with a knife and thats it. The battery was glued to circuit board but not trouble peeling it off.


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This piece of junk is meant to run for one year. They will then give you a 40% discount on a new one if you send them your old one back.

Here are a couple of video on guys that tore them up replacing the battery.

This one probably had a lot of finger blood on him when he finished.

This repair is much safer and better.

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Just print a new case.


As said by others even if you do replace the battery, which is fairly easy it won't work for long if at all as it automatically gets deactivated.

I replaced the battery, it worked just fine and made all the right noises, however as soon as I tried to connect to it, it played a funny tune and then totally died after that. Nothing, no beep when pressing the button, not detected.

I think its pretty clear it got deactivated as soon as it connected.

They should be shot for doing this nasty trick. I'm sure it would have worked fine for another (not even) 12 months.


It's been working fine for me so far... The "low battery" message remains but other than that functionality hasn't been affected for me. I suspect that poor contact may have been the issue in your case, the gold fingers may have to be bent back (overextended, I guess?) so they exert more force on the battery, and the piezoelectric transducer. Cleaning them with isopropyl alcohol is also a must.


Got 2 tile and replaced the batteries in them. They make all the right noises and they detect fine. But leaving them idle for a while they’ll play some tune and will not be detectable anymore until you tap the button on the tile again to “wake it up” and it will the detectable again only to again go back to sleep. What is the point of tapping on the tile button to wake it up in order to find it since you must have found it anyway in order to tap on it.

I think the tile does get deactivated after a certain amount of time and it will go into a mode like brand new tile that goes to sleep on its own and wakes up when you press the button but you can no longer activate because it is already activated. This must be their new feature to improve revenue.


WOW! What a trick! To make these things expire after 1 year. I know that I will NOT be replacing the 4 that I have if this is there operating practice. I agree. They should not be allowed to do this. Shame on them particularly at this time when, due to Covid, people have lost jobs, homes etc. etc. Shame on them.


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I replaced the battery of my Tile Mate. The Battery iside is a CR 2025 and I replaced it with the very common CR32. It's a bit larger but it still fits. You have to make sure though that the spring contacts touch the buzzer. At the end I both halves together with superglue and DONE!

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It is possible very possible on Tile gen 1 and the Mate. I have not tried on the newer models. I have done it myself on four units. It not only reactivated the tiles it also reset the battery life timer. But, it's insides are delicate and very near to the edges of the casing so you must be very careful if you try. Plenty of YouTube videos exist to show how to do it.

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