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How to clear/bypass ink cartridge expiration date error on panel

HP somehow stopped printer from working, stay offline for this error. The HP color cartridge listed on panel is less than 1 yr old, bought in a 3-pack about 2 mo ago at Office Max, all 3 in pack have different expiration dates.

Printer will not go online, tried everything but taking control board out to pull battery.

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I removed the CMOS-Battery from my old HP Officejet Pro L7680 , Firmware Version R0040xxNxdN0 , and the "expiration date error on panel" is now GONE ! But, it still tells me when the ink-tanks are "almost empty" or that "Yellow ink is now empty". It also tells me that I am using a "BLACK non-original HP ink cartrige". Very friendly. What drives me crazy is, that, once I disconnect the Printer from the wall power overnight or for some days, it starts with excessive self-testing after I plugged it back in. And doing that it waists a lot of ink obviously (see the milliliters on the webfrontend, section "Accumulated Ink Usage"). Does anyone know a trick (key combination on panel or a command per LAN/USB/telnet/http whatever), to stop/disable the self-test which lasts sometimes 10 minutes ? Is there "alternative firmware" available that cuts the "punishment-self-test-orgy" to a minimum ?

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