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A GPS enabled fitness watch that tracks your running activity created by Nike.

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Water damage? Nike watch GPS

I have a nike watch GPS, It takes charge and it connects to my computer but I don't see anything on the screen. After I unplug it from the computer still nothing appears on the screen besides the light and when I press a button and only makes the noise. Is there any hope for my watch or is it time to trash it? thank you!

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watch is fine, LCD screen needs to be replaced.

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My watch fooged u}p, then I disarmed it, dryed it and the screen started titilating. Do you think my screeem is wrecked? Or should I wait? The more time passes it makes different shapes on the screem. maybe if I wait, it'll recover.


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Sorry to tell you but your LCD display is not going to recover.

Instead of a pointless wait you can order a new display and install it super easy in 5min.

The model of this display is:

Sharp LS013B7DH01

You can buy it from this link:

Good luck.

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