Hard Drive not spinning but tested and working ok

Hello everyone. I have a 60 GB hard drive for ipod photo that is not spinning when connected to the logic board. The weird thing is that the drive spins and work just fine when connected to a 4th gen (grayscale) logic board. I checked the SMART report and it shows 0 reallocs. The surface test is 100% good blocks, but it just won't spin when connected to the ipod photo logic board. By the way, the ipod photo logic board works fine when I connect another hard drive (20 GB). I'm using the same battery for testing, fully charged. Anyone has come across anything like this?

Thank you very much in advance for any answers.

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So what is the models of the HDD's and their specs?


60 gb hd: mk6006gah

20 gb hd: mk2004gal


The 60 Gig states works with Windows Vista so it might have issues with working with older OS.


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