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Manuali di riparazione comprensivi per tutti i tablet di Apple. Le riparazioni probabilmente richiederanno calore e di fare leva delicatamente.

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Where to purchase SMD components

Where can I reliably purchase SMD components for Apple devices to do board level repairs?

Also in the event of identifying a bad part, what are some ways to identify what the component is, and in the event of capacitors and resistors, how do I tell what the rating of the component is (im used to resistors being color coded, and capacitor input/output information

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That's a great question,

Regarding sourcing of reliable parts you can count on iFixit for a few pieces depending on what you specifically need. For example, we have plenty of FPC connectors for sale:

Additionally here are micro soldering parts we have sell:

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Great question and an important one for anyone wanting to take repairs to the next level. Here's the deal, many of the parts you're inquiring about are actually available from major parts suppliers like DigiKey, Mouser, Allied, and similar companies that can supply you with thousands of backlight filters, should you want that many. The key to ordering from them is understanding what the device schematic is telling you about the package size, rating, tolerance, etc. Armed with this info, you can use the search bar on those sites and find a lot of what you need (when it comes to resistors, capacitors, filters, transistors, etc).

For connectors and microchips, it's a little more challenging. Surprisingly, eBay actually has most of the connectors you'd ever need, and the quality isn't horrible. You'll find that some plastics/nylon melt a little easier than others, so you may need to adjust your hot air if that's your tool of choice. Microchips can be found on eBay too. The problem with eBay is that you never know what you're going to get - the description/photo often being very different from what you actually receive. So, order with caution and low-expectations ;)

I happen to know the guy who started this site: and I've ordered from him several times. He's on-the-ball and he stocks good stuff. If you're looking for a good tacky flux, order from him because his Amtech flux is legit Amtech from Amtech, not a cheap counterfeit that burns under an iron and most of the Amtech sold online seems to be cheap copies from China. DO NOT order Amtech flux on eBay or Amazon.

If all else fails, roll the dice with AliExpress ;)

gl, T

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Oh, and as to the latter part of your inquiry, since you mention resistor color coding and caps being labeled, I gather you know a little about circuits, which means you may know a little about schematics. There's many websites where Apple schems can be found. They're considered "intellectual property" by Apple, so obviously, they're not provided by Apple to 3rd party repairers. Finding them is possible with a little Googling. Depending on which site you DL from, you may or may not have to pay a small fee. These sites are usually in Russia, the Middle East, or elsewhere, sooo expect most of them to want some cash for schematics.

Most of the schematics have a board view map. If you ID a bad part on the board, compare it to the board view for the part ID, then search the schematic for that ID to find the part and it's size/values, then use that info to order replacements. The schematic will show orientation for parts requiring such things (diodes, chips).


Aggiungi un commento carries all the common components. You can also order a lot of the passive components from mouser or digikey. The schematics with component values are available free online if you know how to ask Google properly.

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