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The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 was the first Sony Ericsson smartphone to utilize the Android operating system.

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Where is xperia x10 antenna?

i have bought a new xperia x10 from india last month . recently i am facing a signal strength fluctuation in my phone .Actually i had accidentally pressed a small black thing at the lower right hand side at the back of the phone , near the border its like a small hole .is that the cause of signal fluctuation .pls guide me as i am in Cameroon and have no access to service center also

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This Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini E10i Teardown is the xperia mini x10 teardown, maybe the antenna look like this one. Hope u find helpfull.


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+ for research


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Dude, I figured it out! check this out. you just need a copper wire and electrical tape :D feel free to sign in and thank the Original poster, who is me by the way :D

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i changed my housing to and ever since i changed i had been experiencing call drops and dropping of signal strength. then i did a deep analysis and guess what the antenna was attached to the old housing and i had been using the phone without the antenna.

then i removed the plastic part from the old housing place it in the new housing.

check "Step 4: Remove lower support" 4 the picture of the antenna.

hope this helped.

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