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How do I transfer iTunes library to another laptop

I have the music library and my friend wants it in his computer does he need to create a I tunes account to transfer the music ?if so then how is the music transferred?

Update (03/12/2016)

do you mean what kind of laptops?

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What types and operating systems are the machines running?


Macs or PCs? What are the operating systems? What versions of iTunes?


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First step would be to update iTunes to the lastest version on the current used computer.

Second, install the lastest version of iTunes on the new computer.

If you are running under a Windows environment, in the Music folder, there's an iTunes folder, just copy it and paste it in the Music folder on the new computer.

The same should work on Mac.

Good luck

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Bruno - premature elucidation will result in loss of any purchased items. Wait for the facts. Better options may be available.


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