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1.7 GHz dual-core Intel Processor (Turbo Boost up to 2.6 GHz) with 3 MB shared L3 cache

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Shutdown suddenly with >50% battery


I'm having issues sometimes with a new battery. In Genius Bar check correct battery health.

The problem is that the battery state changes from goog to poor state and the system suddenly stops using it . Have or not the charger, stop using it. So if you do not realize and disconnect the charger turns off and if you have the charger turns off directly .

When this issue occur it's necessary make a smc restart and wait to fully battery charge. Otherwise battery seems dead.

In powermanagement log,

Feb 24 02:33:59 MacBook-Air-de-migue powerd[56] <Notice>: Battery health: Poor; was: Good; reason Permanent Battery Failure

Feb 24 02:44:05 localhost powerd[56] <Notice>: Battery health: Poor

Feb 24 02:44:07 localhost powerd[56] <Notice>: powerd process is started

Feb 24 02:44:07 localhost powerd[56] <Notice>: Summary- [System: No Assertions] Using AC(Charge: 77)

Versión de la ROM de arranque: MBA51.00EF.B04

Versión SMC (sistema): 2.4f19

I appreciate any help .


Update (02/27/2016)

I made the snaps with the 'poor' indicator, this time when I remove the charger not turned off. I have made a smc reset and take new snaps with battery state 'good'.

Before SMC reset with magsafe

Block Image

Before SMC reset battery

Block Image

After SMC reset with magsafe

Block Image

After SMC reset battery

Block Image

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It just seems as if your battery is dead sadly because something like this happened to my air a while back

Would just shut off at random battery % mainly from 60/50-30 if I wasn't careful ID lose work

So I change battery all is good


I'm not sure it's for that reason. Just happen again at 91% battery.

Today steps:

- I start working at 100% battery

- It is discharged to 88%, the connect and I'm still working

- At 100% disconnected and I work for a while

- Goes out (I did not notice indicating the load) when starting battery 91%

- Indicates status "change battery now"

The same thing happened to me on another occasion when I work for all morning with magsafe connected, and when disconnect the magsafe goes power off.

It is as if for an indeterminate event changes battery status to "change battery now" and disables battery, which only has power magsafe.

Chip SMC??

Only battery??


That sounds like you need to replace the battery


Please install this app: CoconetBattery. Take a screenshot of the screen so we can see the details. You'll need to do this with the charger plugged in and a second snap when on battery alone. Paste the images into your question.

Have you done a SMC reset yet? If not follow this Apple T/N: Reset the System Management Controller (SMC) on your Mac Did that help?


Yes, I think, it is the battery. But before buying another, I want to be sure that is not the logic board or a common problem that I did not know.

Yes, I've done reset the SMC. When happens is the only way to recover the macbook.

I update the question with screenshots.


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I think you have a deeper problem here.

Before you swap out the battery again do a thorough inspection for corrosion or any damaged components on the logic board (both sides).

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Corrosion seem. After umont and clean board works correctly.

Thanks everyone!!!



How did you clean the corrosion ?


Zero Residue Contact Cleaner and Toothbrush


Where on the board was the corrosion?


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