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Repair guides and support for motorcycles manufactured by Kawasaki.

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neautral safety switch not working

I own a 2004 Kawasaki vn2000.The neutral safety switch is not working

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@vn2000 what does it, or does it not do? you have also checked to make sure that it is not your clutch switch? You are looking to replace the neutral switch? What's your complete question?


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I know on my car, we looped it with a jumper wire. A stiff wire. If you know where it is pull it out enough to work on it, use your ohm meter or look up a specific schematic, and jump from one to other. I only had 2 ports, it was so easy. like I said, look up specific diagram. Generally the sourcesnare endless on info. manuals a-z app is decent for certain ranges of vehicles. .........OR JUST REPLACE IT WITH A NEW JUMPER BOX. That, too, is simple. Good Luck.

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