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The Kenwood Chef A701A is a stand food mixer released by Kenwood.

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My front lever won't budge to remove 'Kenwood Major' in the front.


I want to use the mincer attachment on my kenwood major, but the front lever that you need to pull to the right edge will not budge beyond a few millimeters. How do I loosen the lever. I tried dripping machine poil in the slit & the top grease base but it didnt work.

Any ideas?

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Not sure if this helps since I do not actually own this appliance. But have you tried applying some pressure to the Kenwood Logo Plate in order to remove tension from the locking mechanism and try taking it off that way? And a few variations of this just to see since its stuck i.e if you have to pull out and up on it normally to remove it try pushing in and down then try the release switch. See if something like might help. The next idea would be is it clean and free of type of debris or build up that you may see around the releasing arm.

Just some thoughts. Best of luck.

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I've just had the same thing with one that I bought 2nd hand. Pried off the plastic lever cap to expose the metal lever and used the handle of a spanner to wrench the lever all the way. Then had to use and extra pair of hands to use screwdrivers and separate the stuck front panel. A lot of cleaning of funky grease later and it's working :)

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