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Third generation Surface Pro tablet, released June 20, 2014.

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How do we repair the keyboard?

So we've paid $130 for our Surface keyboard. What do we do when the keys start to stick after spilling some wine on it? Is there a safe way to take this thing apart & clean it out?

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es If it is still wet, leave it a day in the sun.

After that,Put it in the freezer for a night, sealed in a bag.

This will contract the internal circuitry.

The next day leave it at room temperature, or under the sun.This will dilate the internal circuitry and dry it further.

The contraction and dilation of the plastic sheet of the circuitry will have a movement effect and unlock shorted or oxidated circuitry from the water/wine etc.

This worked for my surface 3 keyboard after it rained on it and keys were not responding or it would not connect at all at times.Also clean the contacts on the keyboard and on the tablet with a cloth and alcohol so they are not oxydated.

The error my keboard still gives is with the numer 3 key.It works, it just puts the number 6 aong with the 3.they are shorted somehow. I will repeat the procedure to see if it gets fixed.

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I would be happy for an update did you manage to fix the short? I find myself in a similar scenario


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