Why is my iMac overheating? Please help.


Recently I installed an ssd in my imac. I followed ifixit guide. I think I made it correctly ( very proud of myself). One think is bothering me I can see that Power Primary and secondary heatsinks are getting rly hot around 80 degrees C. It worries me a bit. What can I do about it. For now I run FanControl to cool it down.

Link to istat pic:


iMac "Core i5" 2.8 27" (Mid-2010)

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What did you do about the proprietary heat sensor on the hard drive?


I dont think I did anything. I did not replace HD just added SSD with spliter cable. Why do you think it may be something wrong with it ?


More or less yes not exactly step by step but yes. I am sure I reconnected everything. Everything seems to work just fine only problem is a temp.


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