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The HP G62 is a laptop series produced by HP. G62 laptops are identifiable by the model number G62-XXX-XX, and endings vary depending on options and seller.

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hp G62 Not powering on

Hello !

I have HP G62-b27EL model, the problem is when i power on it stays black.

wi-fi led , power led and fan working.

no vga video

some times when i turn off with power button and turn it on it starts normally.

i have taket off the ram and it not beep.

anyone you help me with this problem ?

Thanks in advance.

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my HP Laptop G62 not powering ON, even with battery and charger together as well as separately. Pl guide me with some possible causes. Thanks


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Try connecting it to an external screen or monitor. If that works its a problem with your video screen . If not remove one dim of ram at a time and try each dim in each different slot if you have different ram available switch out the ram.If that doesn't work it could be a problem with static discharge , if so do the following.

1. Disconect the power cord

2. Remove the battery

3. Hold down the power button for 30 seconds , then release for 30 sec and then hold down for another 30sec

4. Plug in power ,replace battery and power on laptop.

If this causes no Joy then the problem is probably in the video card itself

Hope this helps

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not worked.

now it have another problem

when press power fan works for 5-6 sec and stops.

when i hold power button to turn off it restart and fan turns on for another 5-6 sec


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