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Fourth generation Samsung Android tablets. Released in April 2014.

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How do I fix the broken charge port?

Will not charge. The inside of the charger is broken.

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I had the same problem with device purchased May 2015. I just received replacement unit 2 days ago and again have same problem!


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Sally Daniel, the charging port is connected to a flex cable. all you have to do is replace that. No soldering involved. Flex cable is available at places like this and many others

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I don't think the charge port is USB, it uses a mini cord that should slip over the contact.

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i think you need to resolder that USB port

go to ifixit youtube channel and check out resolder of USB port on SGS3, on SGT4 it should be the same

i don't think SGT4 has USB port on doughterboard (so you just replace that little piece )

resoldering that without equipment is nearly impossible

you can buy tools and DIY but it's gonna cost you a bit

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