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Released in 2013, the Asus X550C is a line of budget Windows 8 ultrabooks. Related model numbers: X550CA, X550CC, and X550CL.

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Total loss of power!

My battery has been getting worse and worse recently, running down from fully charged to about 7% in not much more than an hour.

While using it last night, out of the blue it completely shut down. Now I cant restart it, even when it's plugged in. And when I do plug it in, there arent even any lights to show that the machine is connected to the mains. It's just dead.

Any thoughts on what might have caused this? Or if it's worth getting a new battery? Most of my worked hasnt been backed up for a couple of months so I'd like to try to retrieve it if I can. But I'm not sure if shelling out £25 for a replacement battery is going to be throwing good money after bad.


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a really good question

it looks like the baterry isn't the problem alone

reviving the data should be piece of cake i think (we'll talk about that later now let's try to just fix it)

so make sure that your charger works (anyhow)

take the baterry out and measure it (1 li-ion cell should give >3.2v<4.2v and it should say on the package how many cells you is your best friend...)

the PC should boot from the charger so that's confusing

take your laptop appart and check for some damages on the board (blown stuff or some gunk or other crap inside (try to wear antistatic eq on that one ...wrist strap at least....)

i think there may be some fuse blown or so

and also check good that charging port (for damages or junk inside)b

just post your results down here and try to make some photos or video or whatever then we'll continue

i don't think baterry is the big problem here (sure it &&^&@@ itself up but it should be able to boot from charger )

also try to remove baterry and plug it in and power it up

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