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The TDK Trek Max is a wireless portable speaker complete with Bluetooth capabilities. The integrated microphone allows for speakerphone capabilities to any device that is currently paired to the speaker via Bluetooth or that is plugged into it. The auxiliary and USB ports make the speaker compatible with almost any device.

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Why does my speaker keep rattling?

Every time I try to play music on my speaker it begins to rattle. It makes the music sound funny and keeps me from using it.

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There could be some dust inside the face plate that is making the speaker rattle. Remove the face plate and clean around the speakers to fix the problem.

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It sounds like damage to the speaker cone inside the device, was it dropped by any chance? Either way you will need to contact whoever you purchased it from to see if any repairs or replacements can be done as the speaker inside this will be proprietary. Without a donor speaker from another unit there's not much more you could do.

If you have no warranty and no replacements / repairs can be done by whoever you purchased it from, it would be worthwhile opening it up and having a look to see if you can spot any physical damage. Then report back here with an update on the issue / provide pictures of the damage.

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Try another device..

Had the problem with my Pandora7 connected to my Note 5

but a laptop connection was flawless

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