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The Nexus One (also known as the HTC Passion and Android Dev Phone 3) is a smartphone from Google (manufactured by HTC) that runs the Android operating system.

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How can I repair gps antenna/

The antenna of GPS seems broke, how do I change it?can you tell me where exactly ,in the phone, can I see it?

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here you can find it!

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Hey Enea,

Thanks for the great photo. Any idea if the HTC Desire (a close relative of the Nexus One) would have the GPS antenna in the same location? My GPS is non-functional, and given that I can log the NMEA strings from the GPS chip my next step is to check the GPS antenna (if I can find it)...


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Hello Rete,

i really don't know if Desire have the antenna in the same place.

I think the logic componet are close but i think HTC have the same antenna hardware for all of his prodouct.

The antenna is, you can see in the photo, a small black cable whit, at his end, a really small "cloth button" ( it's the usual "gold" port used in for external gps ) and if is deconected it's easy to replug in his place.

Sorry for my english ;)

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