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The Nexus One (also known as the HTC Passion and Android Dev Phone 3) is a smartphone from Google (manufactured by HTC) that runs the Android operating system.

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How to replace power button and related circuit board? Supplier?

My power button has ceased to function. HTC is only giving support to those in the United States.

So, I want to know how to replace the power button and circuit board (unclear which piece is defective). Suppliers of each part?

All insights appreciated.

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I noticed you never got an answer to this. Are you still having this problem?


Oh yes.

I've modified the android OS so I can use the trackball button as the "wake-up" button and found a tweak with the battery that allows me to turn-on the phone when off.

However, it would be nicer to just fix or replace the power button...

Suggestions? (-:



I'm having the same issue and I just found this :

(I'm sure you already found a solution, but i found this post before the other one..)


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is this spam/offensive? one answer supplying information as requested? he hasn't answered any other questions with the same link.. I think we should be generous here


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I'm answering this old question because I stumbled on this page with a Google search for "nexus one repair manual". So, for anyone finding this page looking for info about their broken power button on a Nexus One, here is my input...

I have the same issue. I priced out the replacement parts, and the best price I found was 40 dollars. Today I shipped my Nexus to an HTC repair shop. The customer service tech I spoke with stated that HTC usually charges about $55 for a broken power button, subject to rise if there are other issues, of course. For 15 bucks it was worth it to me to have them do it.

The part is called a "flex cable". There are different flex cables, for trackball, simcard, mobo, and I think others.

Here are some links for parts sellers selling the part I believe we need:

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Don't use lingosbox...

they are rubbish and don't actually send what you order.


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