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Modello inizio 2011, A1278 / processore i5 2,3 GHz o i7 2,7 GHz

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overheating, fan not working

Fan not working, laptop overheating, then not responding. I did Apple Hardware Test (extended), and no troubles found. Manual says "the problem might be software related." What can I do now?

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my MacBook same fan no work,macbook overheat...already change new fan, but still fan no work...what can I do?


moh fuaad - How about installing this app to see what is causing your system to run hot TG Pro I find it has helped be diagnose overheating issues.

Also what is your drive a HDD or SSD and who's and model if you upgraded.


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Most of the time when a Mac overheats it does an auto-shutdown for self protection. I would open it, see if the fan is running, remove the fan and clean the vent, then test again. To help us with diagnostics please give us the last four figures of your serial number. To test for a software conflict or possible virus, hold down the Shift key on start up. Let us know if any of your results change. Also how much available free hard drive space do you have and what OS are you running?

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I would download a program called smc fan control and see if you can manually set the fan speed to see if it is working but not getting told to turn on or if it just plan does not work!

If not ifixit sells the replacement fan and has the guide!

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Thanks, Michael. But I'm afraid to try that.

On their site, it says: "Be warned though that messing around with your fan settings is to be done with extreme caution. Unless you work in a particularly hot environment, or feel that your fans are actually on too much for some reason, I'd be very careful before using smcFanControl."

Since I'm not a pro, I'm unsure about it.



They warn you because people usually use it for the opposite of what we are trying to figure out! People use it to slow the f an down due to noise which is not good because the device can overheat, we are trying to speed it up to see if it is function / fixes your issue :)


I tried to get smc fan control, but it won't open. I think maybe my OS is too old: 10.6.8. Thanks anyway. I'll take it to my guy down the street. If it needs a new fan, I'll order from iFixIt.


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The more software you install, the more works the hardware should do, then, your laptop will become overheating. You need to uninstall some software that not commonly used. And you need to buy a radiator to help.

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