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Release February 2011, identified by model number ELPH 300 HS - BD.

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Where is the internal (memory) battery?

The camera must have a memory battery that needs replacement because I have to re-enter the date and time each time I swap batteries. I've taken the case apart, but I don't see any button battery like previous models had. Where did they hide it?

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I found it! Or rather, the place where it should have been, thanks to the info on this site. If you follow the guide here to replace the power buttons, on the very last frame you can see it in the top view picture and you will only have to take the battery out and replace it and done. If you click on "view original image" on that pic you can read the battery model - I think it's MS 614 SE - I'm off to the store to find one.

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Turned out the stores didn't have one. This is a special battery, a lithium rechargeable. I got one online - search the number above MS 614 SE (only the number). Then you have to pry off the little connectors on both sides of the battery, wiggle them to break the welds or it won't fit. Canon must have done that for the one that comes in the camera. Now it works fine, camera remembers the date and time when you swap main battery!


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