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Guides for digital cameras manufactured by Hewlett-Packard, including the Photosmart line and other HP branded cameras introduced in 1997.

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The battery door of my hp 730 series is broken

Where can I get a new battery door for my camera?

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May HP camera is on to automatically off mode please solution


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Recently, the door to my HP 527 broke apart. I could not find a replacement, no matter how hard I tried. Finally, I stumbled on an HP 527 on eBay for sale for under $9.00. The description said the lens was broken and it should be considered for spare parts only. After I confirmed that the battery door was intact, I bought it. It was shipped to me in about three days via standard US mail. I opened it, removed the battery door and installed it on my camera … good as new. Your HP 730 series camera could be on eBay too … I suggest you give it a try. Elston

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