Why is my keyboard malfunctioning?

I spilled water on my MacBook Pro. I already knew to immediately cut power and flip the computer over but from looking online I also figured out that my logic board might need to be cleaned. I unscrewed the back covering and cleaned the logic board with rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush, which removed all corrosion. I didn't take out the logic board though. But when I turned the computer on and got to my sign in, the characters on the keyboard were wrong. The letter keys only type in caps, the shift and alt keys pull up variations of accented letters and symbols, and the number keys pull up what would be typed if I hit shift. I logged in under guest to change the keyboard and also snooped around safari to see what else was long. Whenever I click anything on the page after I search something it puts it on my reading list. I know very little about computers and I'm so desperate for help.

Thanks in advance,


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I am having the same exact problem. The mouse pad works fine. I can use an external keyboard though.


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