NVIDIA 9600 M GT fits in an iMac 24" early 08?

Hi Ho ! I finally gave up searching the net to find an answer. I've got those two wrecks, iMac 24" A1225. The early 09 finds only one USB Port and doesn't see the FireWire ( at least the verbose mode says so ). After hours, the NVIDIA Geforce 9600 M GT delivers a picture, but u can't work with that machine; it behaves like chewing gum.

Then there is the iMac 24" early 08 with a chuffed GeForce 8800 GS that delivers a flashing red screen . So the question is, will the 9600 fit / work in the older iMac?

The '08 is: VM8452M8ZE7, EMC 2143. The '09 is : W89035230TL, EMC 2267.

Thanks in advance! Kindest regards from Krautland!

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Oh cm'on! No Macbuff around? Not even Mayer has an answer vor me poor bloody Kraut?! Can't be?! Oh please, please, help me! Please, please, please!? (Gasp... Gasp... Gasp... )


To whom it may concern: NVIDIA 9600 M GT does not fit in an iMac 24" early 08! After no response, I tore the iMac apart to find out that the sockets are completely different! No chance to pimp the early 2008 iMac ! Kind regards from Krautlant.


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