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Version 2 of Parrot's toy quadcopter with HD camera, controlled over Wifi by smartphone.

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My drone does not take off.

my drone does not take off after replacing the central cross section. I think the blades are spinning the wrong direction.

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I found elsewhere that I should use the reset button on the bottom of drone, however my reset button doesn't seem to be working and I think this may have been damaged during crash. would like other suggestions or a how to on replacing the reset button. Do I need a whole new board or can the reset button be replaced independantly?


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Is there any software for this for pc? As my blade qx3 has, and you can fire up each motor separately and shows on the screen which way they should rotate.

Top left and bottom right rotors should rotate the same. And top right bottom left should rotate the same to each other, but opposite to the other pair.

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My drone is going to one side


Mine is doing the same


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Yes, have you changed the blades? If so, make sure the blades are on correctly. What I mean is that a blades at on the a motor, while c, for counterclockwise blades are on the c motor. Search up propeller replacement on Google

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