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HP pavillion g4 -1312au Laptop screen black show

My HP pavillion g4 -1312au Laptop was running okay .But next day the laptop didn't even boot up, the fans were whirring but not the BIOS screen came up. The CAPS lock button is blinking in intervals of two, the wireless button is orange and thats it. Its been like this ever since. Any suggestions? Please! T

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When you boot does it actually start-up but the screen stays black?



when i down display without press shut down switch.the fans is whirring.


After attach external Monitor ,also blank in External Monitor.




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Okay, i would firstyly attach an external monitor to the laptop. By doing this you are actually troubleshooting the issue.

If you get an image on an external monitor, you then know it is the display on your laptop. To get this repaired either go to a local repair shop or follow one of the guids to repair your screen.

If this has helped please let me know, and accept the answer.

if not again let me know and i will help you further.



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I did not get any image on attach external monitor

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