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The fourth Google Nexus smartphone, released November 13, 2012.

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Nexus 4 losing signal


Lately my nexus 4 has been randomly losing signal, i can't seem to get 3g connecton in some places where i used to. The Wi Fi also appears to be weaker.

Besides that, the power button is also now harder to press and i takes quite a lot of tries to get it locked.

I have tried restarting it, turning on/off both the wifi and the data connection and also i tried reinstalling the latest version of Android Lollipop. The phone has always been running on stock android.

Thank you!

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Ditto--with Nexus 5... was it the last update? Signal fine, signal lost, signal fine--- all without moving the phone!


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Check the antenna contacts

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sounds as if your back cover might be loose, in the back cover some antennas are included. If it's loose it would explain why the signal is weak and why the power button doesn't work properly.

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