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Where can I find these? blown capacitors on logic board...

I bought a broken MacBook Pro off of Craigslist thinking it would be a quick fix. It looks like it has blown capacitors/components by the batter connection. Instead of buying a replacement Logic Board I'd like to try a DIY on a couple of dollars of components.

Can someone point me in the direction to what exactly these are and where to find them? I know Mouser and Digi-key are good starting points, but I don't know what I'm looking for.

Thanks in advance,


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rolsusta, besides all the valid points made by the previous answers I feel that you should at least have the information you asked for. The parts are C6960 which is a 1UF 25V 10% capacitor 603 package and C6950 which is a 0.1UF 25V 10% capacitor in a 0402 package. Both are part of your battery connection circuit and readily available at the places you mentioned in your question.

Block Image

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:( You told him what they are. :( Now he's going to buy them! :(

Monkey see monkey do fixes NOTHING! A proper understanding of the circuit is required before we buy a single thing from mouser or digikey.

Those go off the PPBUS_G3H rail that goes to the battery, but they are present AFTER Q7055. If the system is malfunctioning this could be opening even without a battery attached, so remove Q7055 which will block the pathway to these components. It will not work off a battery, but who cares, this is for troubleshooting only. Remove Q7055 and see if the laptop turns on with a genuine, 85w Apple charger - not the Chinese crap. If it doesn't the problem is not with these caps.

If the caps were shorted to ground which they cannot be from the total lack of their presence in the picture, it could potentially stop PPBUS_G3H from going over 1.7v when Q7055 opens which would cause it to be dead. But again I doubt this specific set of caps is it.

Isolate the issue BEFORE ordering junk that won't fix the problem!


If you see PPBUS_G3H at 1.7v, this is a dead giveaway of a short to ground along this rail. Check at F7040 for voltage, black probe on a screwhole, red probe on F7040. See what you get. 12.6v or 1.7v. If less than 12.6 by a margin over ten percent, unplug charger, put multimeter in diode mode, put red probe on ground, black probe on F7040, and provide number.


Thanks OldTurkey I was in hopes you would respond! Great help.

Louis Rossmann, I guess I'll buy a couple to trouble shoot any other problems just in case these blow too. I don't know the whole story of what actually went wrong maybe a surge went through, but the guy I bought it from probably wasn't giving me the full story. If replacing these doesn't work I'll dig deeper in troubleshooting the problem, it's more of a project right now. Thanks for your your help too and concern of my understanding and abilities.


Louis Rossmann, I appreciate the input and I will continue to answer specific questions with specific answers. That's what a typical douchebag jacka55 does ;-)


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I am not entertaining this as there is no diagnostics going on, and just guessing.

What power rails are missing?

Are any power rails missing?

Have you even taken out a multimeter yet, or are you just looking for things to replace without a reason?

Do you even know what these capacitors do?

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I'm looking for things to replace that are missing... seems like a good reason.


No need to replace anything before understanding the problem. Remove Q7055 and try to turn it on with a genuine 85w magsafe. If it doesn't turn on, you need more than those capacitors.

It's helpful to skip ahead when troubleshooting. If you by those caps, wait a week, put them on, and it doesn't work, then you're where you started. Finding as many problems as possible in the quickest amount of time heightens the likelihood of this being solved before it is junked after weeks of drawn out troubleshooting.

Provide a diode mode measurement to ground from anywhere PPBUS_G3H shows up on the board; black probe on F7040, red probe on ground, with no power. If it is above 0, plug it in and put red probe on F7040 and black probe on ground and measure voltage and see what you get. Do this after removing Q7055.


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