Replaced Hard Drive Still Not Working

I had a problem with my hard drive. On log in I was getting stuck with the flashing question mark and there was a clicking noise.

So I replaced the hard drive. The old one was ST31000528AS.

I replaced it with ST2000DX001 as recommended on this forum.

Unfortunately I still can't get it working.

When I fire it up I am pressing the C key with the Operating disk inserted.

I do hear the disk fire up and start spinning but it stops fairly quickly and then I get stuck with the apple logo showing.

I have a wireless keyboard so I thought maybe the computer wasn't picking up the key being pressed.

I bought a super cheap USB wired keyboard and tried with that but still no luck.

Still stuck on the Apple logo.

I am close to giving up and paying the crazy prizes at the local Apple agent store nearby to get it fixed !

Anything I can try before finally admitting that having a go at changing the hard drive myself was a bad idea ??!!!


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