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PS3 slim dual voltage?

I live in Brazil where the voltage is 220 and I bought a PS3 slim 120gb model CECH 2101A and the voltage is 110.

I´ve heard and read some comments that all PS3 slim is dual voltage. Is that true? can I plug my PS3 directly without voltage conversor and not fry it??

appreciate the answers and thanks a lot.

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Yes, they all are.

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+ research


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I confirm that my ps3 2101A is working perfectly fine with 220v

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Jonas can you confirm that your ps3 2101A is working with 220v ?


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I'm wondering for long time if it works :) So I can use my ps3 in France without freaking out!!!

I bought same model than you (CECH-2101A) in Quebec (Canada) so I'm free on my mind right now!

Did you try to plug the console with the regular cable (RCA cable)?

Because I saw on forums that it's gonna only work with HDMI cable and not with the cable include in the box.

Did you know if the image gonna be white and black? video signal decreases 60Hz to 50Hz

Thanks a lot for your advices! :)


YES I CONFIRM!!!!! that my PS3 (model CECH 2101A 120 Go) WORKS on foreign countries (for me in France 220v/50Hz)

I can't believe that!!!! I'm so excited!

Trust me, I REPEAT... PS3 (model CECH 2101A) bought in Canada works abroad!

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Video signal is based off the frequency of a crystal, not voltage input.


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