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Una Passat completamente nuova, basata sulla piattaforma Volkswagen Group B5, venne lanciata nel 1998 in Nord America.

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Clicking at front wheel

When turning left from a start the left front wheel clicks. the clicking stops when the left turn is completed.

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Axel shafts are shot or drive shafts if you are in the UK they start to click when you turn ,replace both ,I saw an Audi once pull up at a junction and the bearings dropped onto the road !

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My 2000 Passat also had clicking issues on the front end, especially when making tight turns. I took it to a repair shop, and they said that it’s the front axles (one on each side of the car), and they needed replacing. Part of the issue is how the ball joints are packed. Before I owned the car, my dad had replaced those axles at least twice, and they would begin clicking again after a few years. I finally had one of the axles break a few months ago, and I was told that the part itself would cost around $600, and labor would be a few hundred on top of that.

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