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Annunciato il 16 ottobre 2014, identificabile dal numero di modello A1347 e EMC 2840.

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Mac Mini 2014 fits in 2010 case?


i am just wondering if the 2014 modell

would fit in the case of the 2010 model

Cause the sizes of the case as of the logicboard and powersupply seems to be the same. (as i found in my research.

So that i could maybe remove the plastic of the drive assembly and connect the cable to ssd and superdrive?


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What is your goal here?


to have a mac mini with a DVD drive in one case again


Did you ever attempt it? I got a heck of a deal on a late 12 i5 board and want to swap it into my mid 10 to replace the c2d. From all the guides here parts look identical (and those stupid thermo pins are gone, i broke one replacing the hd).


Indeed it looks all very similar. i could imagine that this all would fit more or less but no i did not test it and did not buy a 2014 model.

There are some SSD cables in the internet but also don't know if they would fit and i am afraid to ask here more questions on this page as only Dan is replying to my posts.... Its really sad that this great ifixit community doesn't help much. It would be great news if this is working so please leave a comment if you are trying it out :)

Here is a knowledge database missing!


@Yuna - There's always more takers than givers :-) The other problem here it's Summertime! So people are outside not sitting in front of their keyboards. I'm kicking back here at work right now which is why I'm here, otherwise I'd be down at the beach getting cool.


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Sadly, there are too many issues here that make this unlikely to work.

The systems firmware is different than the older units so I suspect the needed services for the optical drive have been removed to make way for the SSD services.

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