do you have all parts of the note 4?

I'm an individual on a budget suffering from the most expensive medical diagnosis in the world, as a c4-c5 spinal cord injured geek I lack the full use of my hands. As you might guess that makes job searching quite difficult especially when any job that can support myself without welfare I would have to make around or over $120,000 a year the gap is quite unfair so I'm forced to finance everything. I as if you have every part of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 because as someone who is also interested in how things work and what does each part do, Since I'm restricted to a monthly budget of $799 total income and I have become a fan of Ifixit tools using many to hack build or repair very expensive items such as my sip n puff wheelchair. My mind is sharp and I've become an unusual go to guy for tech since I have people bring their tech to me then I talk them through fixing their own property. I use a mouth stylus to work a smartphone and laptop in order to manipulate and interact with my environment so now my current phone is outdated and it's more adaptive tech than just a phone on top of since my phone is a adaptive tech necessity I will do whatever it takes to keep my unlimited data package. If you haven't seen where I'm going with all of this I obviously would like to know what would it cost to purchase the parts and talk and teach someone to learn about the tech inside and build a brand new note 4 for less than the $700 to $800 price tag I would have to pay in order to keep my unlimited data package. I would also like your opinion on a small hack/modification that would be far easier during assembly which is to create some water resistance for I'm often caught outside in heavy rain a few times a year and most mounts or cases/holsters that would be practical 4 me don't protect much in rain when trying to get from one building to another or my van. So I would like to know if applying just the thinnest amount of silicone (building/modding aquariums is another hobby of mine) yet like I said a very small amount of silicone around all possible points of entry except the ports and maybe a little wax on case with rainex on screen just for those 50 to 100 foot role in the rain? I found Ifixit through and know that there are some discounts available to the Twit audience so with that in mind would buying and assembly save any cost on getting a Galaxy Note 4? I was also curious if I could buy parts ex.. camera microphone to build ip cameras with raspberry pi's or arduino kit to do a little diy home automation would you have any thoughts on these questions?

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