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La stampante HP Officejet 4630 è un modello wireless tutto in uno a getto di inchiostro a colori.

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Can I trick printer into using non-HP replacement cartridges?

I bought replacement cartridges from LG and my HP printer won't recognize them. Can I force the printer to use non-HP cartridges?

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Ah... If it where so simple ;-}

Sadly, each company designs the printer head/tank so others can't be used.

You see, the ink is really how these companies make their money not on the printer!

Even still the ink formulation each uses is unique enough that one can't just re-fill just any ink into it. Some companies do offer re-fill kits or re-fill service for some models. Just be be careful here!

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I'll say this, I take my empty cartridges to a shop that re-fills black for $10 & color for $12 (yes from my hp 4630 all-in-one!) Have never had a problem, once in a while it will pop up with a "counterfeit" warning and ask if I want to proceed, I click the "yes" , problem solved! I have done this with every printer I've own, Maybe I just got lucky to find someone that knew what they were doing

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