A strange starting problem

Honda Accord 2000 with 130k miles and a new battery. Runs very well.

A week ago, when I started the car, it would make the ticking noise and would not start. Then I hit the solenoid with a hammer and the problem seemed to be gone.

But now it would not start, however the problem s different. First when the key is on the on position, the electricity and lights come up very slowly with a stead small hissing noise, then again would not start but makes again ticking noise and then starts after a few tries.

Can anyone tell me what is the problem? what should I do?


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The hissing noise is also kind of ticking noise coming from under the dashboard. Thanks.


Does it start with a boost from another battery? How old is your battery. the ticking/hissing noise could be a relay.


It is a new battery.


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