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Xperia ZR is the waterproof phone from Sony that lets you film in Full HD underwater. Released in June 2013.

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Jumper solution for backlight issue

Hi Could you please provide jumper solution for dim backlight problem in Sony Xperia ZR.

Thanks much,


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Shyam, why do you think there is a jumper solution? what is going on with your backlight and what have you tried to fix it?


Thanks for your reply. I had dropped my phone near water source and it broke the screen. I puchased a new screen and when connected everything was OK except the brightness which became very dim (approx 30% of the original light) I checked in the settings-> display-> Brightness was set to full and Adopt to lighting conditions was set to off. I had given this phone to a local repaired as Sony has stopped support for this phone. He tried cleaning the board with a PCB cleaner thinking of water damage but to no avail as it could not turn the brightness to maximum.Now I want to get maximum brightness even if it is permanent because I can barely anything at day time. Please let me know if you want to do any other test. (Also I don't have circuit diagram for Xperia ZR)


If anybody can help me with the schematic diagram of Sony Xperia ZR that would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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sony c5502 light jumper

Update (07/27/2016)

sony c5502 light jumper

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