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Repair and disassembly guides for padlocks.

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jammed the padlock on my security gate. How do I fix it?

Some foreign things were put in my padlock. We remove most, the key goes in, but can't open it.

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Try spraying WD40 into the lock and/or try can'ed air. Either one should flush out any small pieces still inside the key slot.

Did someone put something into the hasp part of the lock?

Are you sure you have the correct key?

If either of these are true you may end up needing a locksmith or a bolt cutter.

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Go onto eBay, Amazon, or just search Google to get a set of broken key removers. They are relatively cheap. (Under 5$) they come with a lot of different jigs and sawtooth picks. Good for getting almost anything out.

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It is locked can not open.

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have also drilled a hole through lock.


@Antonio Pistritto cut the hasp. Bolt cutters, angle grinder, Dremel with cutoff wheel.


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I would do things in this order to try and free it up.

  1. holding the lock so that the keyhole is pointing downwards, tap it with a hammer to allow any foreign items to come out of the lock, I would do this in different directions to dislodge anything in the keyway.
  2. If you have access to compressed air I would blast air into the keyway to remove anything lodged inside.
  3. Use some lock lubricant inside the lock and repeat step 1 with plenty of lubricant.
  4. Gently insert the key and slowly and gently jiggle the key inside the lock, removing it regularly and tapping the lock again before inserting it.

Finally, if all this does not work after trying several times I would simply cut the lock and get a new one.

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