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This is an 8.0 mega-pixel digital camera with waterproof and shock resistant capabilities. It also includes features such as 3X optical zoom and face detection.

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Why won't my battery latch close?

The battery latch will not close for unknown reasons or because the battery is in the way.

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If it seems like the battery is in the way, try removing the battery and inserting it again to make sure it is not blocking the latch from closing. If the latch to your battery enclosure is dysfunctional you may have a faulty spring. The spring within your camera is made of a highly malleable metal, making it easy to bend out of shape. Assure the end of the springs are not bent, as this will not allow the compartment to close fully. If the spring is defective and bent, you will need to replace it.

For more information regarding a faulty battery latch, visit the Troubleshooting Page for the Olympus Stylus 850SW.

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