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Part Number: DD11210 The TotalPond pump, which was designed for water gardening enthusiasts, circulates 210 gallons of water per hour, maintaining the ecological balance of small ponds. It is used in water garden less than 3 feet by 6 feet ponds and waterfalls to provide streams of water up to 7.8 feet high.

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What do I do if my pump is not properly pumping water?

My pump feeds water at a height of only 2 feet.

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when I unplug the pump of a similar size it will not restart unless I thump it hard. Then it works great. Every time I clean it or the electricity goes out I have to pull it out of the water undo the filter and thump it then while running in water attempt to reassemble the filter around it.

Any suggestions? Cleaning? With what?


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This could be due to a number of things. It is most likely due to a broken impeller, but it could also be a faulty motor or cracked pump housing. View the trouble shooting page for more information.

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