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Sony Xperia SP is powered by 1.7 GHz processor alongside 1GB RAM and 8-MP rear camera.

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Can this phone survive being dropped from a first floor window?

I was using my phone to as a tether and it was propped up against my bedroom window on the first floor. I forgot is was there and opened the window (dum I know) the phone fell out, slid down the roof and dropped on the concrete below. When I picked up the phone it seemed to be in tact with no damage, but when I tried to turn it on...nothing.

Phone will no longer turn on or off, merely flashes red when I push the on button. It doesn't even make a buzzing noise when I push the on button.The screen appears to glow (I only noticed this when the bedroom light was turned off) but apart from that nothing, not even fuzziness, nothing.

I left it on charge all night, no success. I removed the back cover and pressed the off button (inside the phone) several times. Again nothing. I have never had to fix anything like this before and don't have the first clue where to start. Can a phone survive a shock like this? Is it even mendable? I have a year left on my contract and the thought of having to pay £40 a month for a phone I can't use is horrifying. Please help! Any suggestions will be much appreciated :)

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The service centre would be your best bet. Most likely your display is messed and they can certainly fix it. Besides, Sony is well known for its customer service. So, they might even replace it.

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