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How do I fix my wireless internet

i don't know what happen to do but suddenly my wireless internet stopped working . i don't know what to do

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just update the wireless driver and check the wireless driver settings and make sure there is no other network filter blocking the wireless if nothing works than uninstall the wireless and install it again visit and after that restart the computer and make sure no other software is blocking the connection and also check the password also for wireless . thanks


When Matthew says "make sure no other software is blocking the connection " is VERY TRUE , I also have found there are a few Malware,spyware, or any protection programs that quite often stop the installation. Therefor I have found shut down all anti virus , ETC. programs briefly, 'till completely installed, then reboot again before turning your antivirus back on


also unplug your modem and broadband cable for at least 1 minute-try this before you reprogram your PC sorry forgot that the first time


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Okay follow these steps:

Remove power cord from router (30 seconds) then plug back in and see if it works.

Plug in Ethernet cable to see if it is just wireless.

If neither work then contact your ISP (Internet service provider) as may be a line down around your area.

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If its your Desktop, make sure the wireless is enabled


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PLease make sure your wireless is on. if it is not then please make it turn on .then try to connect with your wireless network.

if it is still not working then you need to go ahead and update your driver. it will start working fine.

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If your are not getting your wireless internet so follow these steps.

> Check WAN and LAN connection.

> Verify wireless adopter .

> Verify AP and router setting.

> Verify TCP/IP settings.

> Verify network connection with ping.

> Check wireless-specific issues.

> Look for a security mismatch.

> Ensure RADIUS is working.

> Check 802.1x EAP and user login.

> Check interm ittent network connectivity issues.

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