Using HWMonitor, PSU Heatsink 1 is showing 90+ celsius

I have a mid-2010 Core-i3 iMac, and it is suffering the identical issue.

Using HWMonitor, PSU Heatsink 1 is showing 90+ celsius.

SMC Fan Control does alleviate the problem, and most temps drop 5 to 10 degrees (iMac is audibly louder tho). Idle temps for the Core i3 are ~50 degrees, so not very cool, but so much better than before.

I am almost convinced that this is built-in obsolescence, as lots of people report the same issue.

I have had the entire graphics sub-assembly replaced under warranty, as the fans used to remain at 100% (AHT found the error and code). Now, my hard drive is often hitting 50 degrees, and signalling another HWMonitor alarm.

I'll stick with SMCFanControl until I can find a replacement unit.

PS. Computer had never cut out due to overheating (possibly once, but could have been power failure as well).

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Craig, how about posting your own question. I bet we can get to the root cause of your fan/heat issues with some good diagnostic effort. ;-}


As to planed obsolescences: We have some older gear which are still running strong! Most of the issue is no different than a car you need to maintain it! Checking the fluid levels & tire pressure. I this case its cleaning the dust buildup checking the fans and making sure the thermal paste on the CPU & GPU's is refreshed.


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