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La prima generazione dell'Acura MDX venne lanciata nel 2001, mirando al settore SUV Premium del mercato nordamericano. Costruito sulla piattaforma media di Honda - come l'Accord, TL o TSX - questo nuovo SUV aveva come motorizzazione standard un V6 3.5 L SOHC che erogava 240 cv e aveva cambio manuale a 5 rapporti.

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2004 Acura MDX Front AC not working?

This is not the first time I have had this problem. The first time I followed some directions I found on another blog that led me to pull out the transistor assembly and replace a thermal fuse for $.74! Here is a link to the blog I was referring to.

After replacing the thermal fuse the first time the air conditioner went back to working perfectly. About 9 months later the A/C and Heater stopped working again, I purchased another thermal fuse, re-soldered it and when I replaced the assembly the front blower stopped working all together.

I decided to replace the entire transistor assembly for about $70. Here is a link to where I purchased the assembly from.

When I replaced the assembly the blower and the heater started working again but the A/C still is not working.

What's the next piece I should be checking? I really can not afford to spend $500 - $1000 getting my wife's A/C fixed right now. Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Thank you!

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Front ac can't low but keep going high


Raphel, most likely you need a blower motor resistor or transisor, it controls the different speeds of the blower motor and if one or more resistors are broken then it will still allow high speed only, I am not 100% of how the transistor model works but it may be the same, just do a search on YouTube, the resistor is not expensive but the transistor is, you may want to get a junk yard part knowing that it is also a used part and may not last a long time but test it before you buy it if you get a used one. I would take extra time to test the different settings of the switch itself to be sure there are different ohm readings when you move the speed switch, that also could be your problem.


For future users of this post, here are some videos on how to diagnose AC problems, any more AC Control problems such as the AC Control Head (Console) and Engine computer (ECM, PCM, BCM, etc) will need serious understanding of how the system works. Although every car is different, most systems are extremely similar in overall operations,

Get your loaner tools from Autozone such as pressure manifold set, vacuum pump if you need to empty the system and know how to properly service Freon without breaking your compressor or over-servicing, going slow is the name of this servicing game, use a temp gauge in the AC Vent to TOP OFF your system at 2000 RPM, when it keeps getting colder, ADD, when it starts to get warmer, STOP. go slow:

AC Hi and Low Pressure Switches with schematic,

AC Compressor Relay diagnosis,

AC Compressor Relay diagnosis,

AC Compressor Clutch diagnosis,

AC Compressor Clutch broken wire diagnosis,

AC Compressor Clutch with schematic,

AC and Radiator 2 Speed Cooling Fans diagnosis,

AC Blower Motor Fan RESISTOR, may also have one in front,

There are many inputs to allow an AC system to operate, these symptoms here are the most common and to dig deeper into a problem if one of these is not it, will take a schematic and a good understanding of how the system works, as Scanner Danner and others have shown, all you really need is a test light and a simple volt multimeter and some jumper wires, BEWARE.

A couple of things to pay attention to, when you turn on the AC System, does the idle go up on the engine, the computer is in control. Do your cooling fans all come on with AC System control, does your blower motor work on at least one speed, if the thermistor at the evaporator is bad, maybe the system will not turn on or it will turn off the system before it gets really cold. You need a minimum Freon pressure for the system to work, it also cannot get too high or it will turn off, diagnosing pressure problems is another animal separate from these electrical issues, dirt is your enemy in the condensor and evaporator and if something is too hot to touch, that is also not good.

Do not use STOP LEAKS but its ok to use a small amount of leak detector dye and don’t keep adding oil unless you know how much oil is in the system, and the correct type, which is not the same on all vehicles. Do not forget to do your visual inspections, wiggle wires test, feel along some wire harnesses to feel for a rubbed harness and wire that may be shorting to ground, listen for signs of problems, loud electric motors on fans or compressors going bad internally, or missing sounds when you expect to hear something and have fun, GOOD LUCK.


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My front blower just quit, found this post, now it's working with temporary jumper and fuses ordered. Thanks for the great info!!! Just replaced the rear transistor couple of months ago, guess I could have done the fuse trick also?

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