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Remote central-locking system not working on Nissan Almera?

When i try to open or close my nissan almera with the remote on the key, nothing happens. But when i'm in the car en close the doors with the centrallocking-switch in de car, all the doors close. I can close the doors from te inside and the drivers-one with the key, but my trunk can't be closed... no lock to close. Somebody knows where te receiver for the centrallocking with the key is?

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Here is your device/car:, please add this to your question, it will help iFixers!!!


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If the central locking is working when using the switch inside the car, but isn’t working from the key … then have you checked the key? changed the battery? or sometimes you need to ‘re-sync’ the key with the car

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Sounds like the central locking actuator in the driver's side door. Obviously, check the basics like fuses first but because the doors all lock when using the switch on the inside of the door, it sounds like the actuator. you can but them on e-bay and from parts suppliers for around £20. To replace the part, you will need to remove the door panel from the inside of the door to access the actuator. there should be guides available online and also youtube videos to help.

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Hi brian,

Thank you for giving solution. I have exactly the same problem. I am going to change the actuator and I will let you know.


I have bought an actuator and fixed it the car but the problem is still being continued.


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