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Trackpad cursor not moving

I'm working on a macbook pro, and I can move the black cursor when I have a usb mouse plugged in, the trackpad won't respond when I disconnect it, but when I try to click, that works. What could be the issue?

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There could be liquid or other physical damage to a part of the trackpad cable or connector. Since there's been a couple of iterations of the track pad without a more specific ID (yours covers 7 devices over 3 years) I can't be more specific.

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If their was liquid damage wouldn't the clicker not work? I replaced the trackpad cable and the trackpad itelf, and same problem, I can't move the cursor, but it can click if I use a usb mouse to move the cursor


I do not know the schematics of the cable but not all the cable wires run "the clicker" that's why it could be a bad cable, or a cable that is not in far enough or may be cocked to one side. Also one side of the connector could be damaged. in a different matter a user had a wireless card that he removed and could not get to work. After trying a different card he looked and found a bent pin on the card slot. He managed to correct the pin without breaking it off and the problem was solved.


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