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The third generation of the Apple iPad, released on March 16, 2012. Full 4G and Wi-Fi model repair guides. Repairs require heat and careful prying. Model numbers: A1416, A1430, and A1403.

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home button not working after charger port replaced.

I use my Ipad 3 as a soft synth with an Akai Synthstation 49. However it was not connecting to the synthstation properly and so I decided that I needed to replace the charger port as i could see that the plastic was slightly broken.

I replaced it and it charges up just fine but it still will not connect to the synthstation and now the home button is no longer working. Is there any way that by not connecting the new charger port correctly I could have effected the home button? Also has anyone else had similar problems with an Akai synthstation 49

I can obviously use it without the home button but I don't really want to as I am used to it. sould i replace the home button too or is there something obvious I am missing?

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The device charge port contains two vertical gold pins that are responsible for transferring the signal of the home button. Sometimes these pins are defective. They either don't make a solid connection with the home button bracket on the screen or their connections to the charge port flex cable are damaged. The only fix for that is to RMA the charge port you originally purchased and have it exchanged for another one. Install the next charge port and your home button should work again just fine. Hope this helps.

If a new charge port does not solve your problem then your home button bracket may have been damaged during the repair. If so, you'll have to get another one to replace it with. I don't find this option very likely. It's possible, but not likely. You're much more likely to have a defective charge port.

If you've replaced both parts and it still doesn't work then you may have a motherboard issue. You may have to just stick with the assistive touch soft key on your screen.

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You can only RMA if under warranty, he stated it's 2.5 years old so that doesn't help at all. He was asking how much to fix....

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