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Upgrade Dell Inspiron 17R SE with mSATA and SATA SSD?

Can someone create a precise guide on how to upgrade the dell Inspiron 17R SE with mSATA and SATA SSD ?

There are 2 free slots, in the notebook and im not quite sure on how to actually realise the upgrade.

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I am assuming the 2 free slots are the SATA3 drive slots. So if you want to simply add an SSD for memory expansion, all you do is open the back, and pop in the new SSD (You will need to purchase a HDD Caddy for the new drive). The new drive should automatically show up in Windows. I have had great luck with Samsung EVO SSD's and they are reasonably priced at Newegg:

As for a guide, this is the closest I could find, as I do not own this laptop, also they have a link for the HDD Caddy:

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