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External LaCie DVD Burner TF674L not recognized on new MacBook Pro?

I have an external LaCie CD/DVD burner TF674LL/A that I used with my G4 PowerBook with no problems. I upgraded to new MacBook Pro 17" in September09. The new laptop will not recognize the external burner. I have downloaded drivers tried different firewire cables etc. Any ideas? Thanks, Jay

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I have had limited success with MacBooks/MacBook Pros and external optical drives, for whatever reason. I can't explain why, because it baffles me. I've had them work for a week and then never work again. I put this as a comment because it doesn't offer any answers, but you definitely are not alone in the confusion!


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With the external drive connected and powered up, does it appear in System Profiler (Firewire and/or Disc Burning section)?

If it only appears in Firewire section, you may need to hound LaCie for 64-bit Snow Leopard compatible drivers.

If it does not appear at all, or you see something like "No Firewire ports detected", then you may want to take your MacBook Pro in and have it checked to ensure it is working properly.

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