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Dell Latitude D630 is a thin and lightweight version of the Latitude line. With a 14.1 LCD screen and a 9 cell battery, this laptop is meant to be more mobile.

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What is the GSM-sim slot beneathe the d630 used for?

i have seen a sim slot under the latitude d630 when i remove the battery, how do i use it?

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The D620/630 series had an option where you can purchase an internal mobile broadband data card. Like the iPad has a "Cellular" version where you can insert a sim and use data, the D620 has the same capability if you have this card. Please note, the Dell card is Carrier Specific (AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon have their own and are not interchangeable).

Here's a video on what it looks like in the laptop.

Ebay sells this:

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I found an option in the bios for sim cards that is factory defaulted to off, I have not got a chance to test it yet but I hope this works for you!


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I have seen these used with MLAN, the standard wireless does not need a sim card to work.


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My dell 630 computer isn't working sim card and I want to get the gsm for my computer

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my laptop sim looked

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