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Xperia ZR is the waterproof phone from Sony that lets you film in Full HD underwater. Released in June 2013.

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How to replace Sony XPERIA ZR rear camera lens?

I want to replace my camera lens of Sony XPERIA ZR... I found some web-sites which sell lens but I don't know how good they are also little worried about replacing cause I have not done this before. Can you please guide me for Lens replacing process? Also if there is not good lens for XPERIA ZR can I use lens of other models like XPERIA Z or ZL or SP?

-Thank You

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May you please give the link to the website which sells Xperia ZR lens?...Please, it would be very helpful.

da I did a quick search and looks like if you buy the complete middle housing it is supplied with you also get the other components associated with it!


The link above (my previous reply) also provides guide on the website.

I have bought the housing myself as they didn't have just the lens in stock, but have yet to fit it as I will only do the work when I come to sell the phone because it is only cosmetic scratch I have on mine and doesn't effect the view of video/pictures taken.


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There is a good tear down guide here on ifixit.

Sony Xperia ZR C5503 Teardown

Hope this helps

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No, you can't use the camera lens of ZL or SP, they are a little bigger and thicker.

As for how to replace the camera lens, it's easy. You only need tweezers or some sharp thing like tweezers. Use the tweezers to pry the camera lens ring with a little effort because there is adhesive sticker under it, and then you can remove the camera lens with the ring together easily. At that time, you can push then camera lens and remove it finally.

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Can you suggest any other smartphone lens to replace Xperia ZR lens...please!!! Or may you please suggest web-sites who sell lens for Xperia ZR?


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That's a later reply, but probably it will be usefull.

I couldn't find a replacement part in market, so tried an abrasive polishing and it helps for me.

One can find disassemble instructions in net to detach a plastic cover of camera and then polish it.

You can compare photos made with/without a cover any time.


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